Thursday, May 16, 2013

~ Healthy & Oh So Yum~

I know most of you think I spend every lunch at Chipotle and yes I do have a tendency to frequent that place in an extreme manner, however my other lunch time splurge is the Natural Foods Plus health food store near Good Samaritan Hospital. It's off Shiloh Springs Road near the old Elder Berman. It is my health nut happy place. If you take the chance to go in and have a smoothie made for you please take a moment to say hello to the cook Martha! She is my go to gal for all things yummy. Today she had made up some vegan chili and vegan banana nut bread. (all of course I had to sample and of course all so delicious) I stuck with her salmon salad which is merely decedent. If I ever win the lottery Martha would for sure make my payroll list. She can take your most favorite meal and turn it into a healthy, low fat and most the time vegan meal. I simply adore her. Also, if you have never tried Kombucha make sure you ask for a sample of that too, amazing stuff and your body will thank you. Martha talked me into a shot today and of course didn't tell me exactly what was in it just said, "Come on Jen, I know you will try anything that is good for your body", so down it went. I have to say blah...double blah...dear gracious it was bad and not to mention it had habanero pepper juiced in it. Wow it burnt in a good/bad way. The poor Fed Ex guy that took a shot with us instantly had beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Needless to say the burning did subside after a few seconds.  After giving Martha some crap for what I just drank I read all about this "Super Tonic" and I am glad that I chocked it down. The following talks about the ingredients and their importance.

~The fresh juices of organic horseradish root drive this formula to your head, sinus and throat and lungs where you need it. The organic garlic juice and onion juice are the two best herbs to flush micro-organisms from your body. The organic yellow ginger root juice and habanero pepper juice stimulate your blood and lymphatic flow like no other herbs to get your immune cells to the bad guys as fast as possible. The organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar preserves all of these plant juices and cleanses your body~

I always love to talk up local eateries and support our local community as much as possible but this place needs no help as they are usually always slammed with people stopping in to grab an Emerald Treasure (their version of a super healthy green smoothie). They also have a juice bar so if you are feeling a little under the weather or just feel the need for some cleansing stop in for some beets, apples, celery and ginger!