Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Corn Sweet Corn.....

 Yep we have arrived...we are truely country folk, even the cat has crossed over. He is addicted to corn and I know cats are not suppose to have it but he seems to digest it fine and besides how could I take it from him he is in heaven.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chick-fil-a & My Gracious Lesson

All right....all right I get that my message today, is to be way more gracious!! Those darn employees at Chick-fil-a, I don't know if the motivational speaker Zig Zigler comes in and trains them or what but I use to think I was a pretty sweet gal until you go get Chick-fil-a and they are all so very happy to have a job and smiling and gracious and every response is MY PLEASURE! Holy Moly I need to change my whole approach in life. Life is such a lesson learned!  :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School

It's that time kiddos!!! As much as I am not ready to send them back, it seems I'm not the one that decides that fate. Summer is so hard to let go of especially a summer like this packed full of such good memories. And with the end of summer it means my kiddos will be in a new grade and getting bigger :-( time really does fly. My goal at the end of each summer is that we truely lived it up, and that my kids got to throw the rules of the school year out the window. It's no more early to bed, no early to awake, no it's homework time, no you can't wear that...... it can all be forgotten over the summer and instead, it's colored mohawks, face paint, no shoes, cotton candy, shaved ice, late nights, fireflys and a kid can JUST BE  A KID!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Announcing Makenna Faye

Today was her due date and today she came into the world, this little precious bundle that my sweet, sweet partner in crime delivered today. Her arrival has been long awaited and we are thrilled to have her. In a letter to Makenna I told her she would know me by my camera and today she got just that. I dressed her up and snapped away and as I suspected she was ready for the craziness of hair clips and camera flashes!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tattoo Time

So my sweet Sister and I have been talking about making our next tattoo's part of our summer and going together. I knew we would want Matt Clemmer because....well if you have seen his art it's fabulous and how nice to go get inked by a sweet guy who use to entertain me even back in gradeschool. He is so multi-talented and truely makes me want to be a better person.  Thanks Mr. Clemmer for taking the time to squeeze my Sister and I in so last minute and provide us with such a sweet, wonderful, fun, happy, loving memory. And to the waitress at Fricker's..... just wait mama your time is coming too when all you hope is that you are carded when ordering a drink!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pub Hat Obsession & Daddy Katz

Yep, if you know me you know men in pub hats are just my thing!! So I was driving through Dayton and saw this little shop and this man out front in a pub hat and a shop shirt with vintage things in the window, okay I'll be honest almost wrecked looking (not at the man :-) but at his style and the cute shop). So last night we went to finally check out Daddy Katz, oh my what a place I felt like I found my second home. It's vintage, it's funky, it's adorable, it's connected to a tatto parlor and it feels like you step back into time. Great great place to check out if your into vintage things they have a cruise in first Friday of every month with a band. Oh and if you like Rat Rod cars like myself there is plenty to see, next time my camera will be around my neck :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do You Believe....

In Miracles that is, I do...I do....
While on vacation we came home to our pet duck Ace gone, no idea where he went or what happened to him. It was so hard never thought I would get attached to a stinkin duck but he followed us everywhere he was like a dog. He even walked the lane with me in the evenings so to come home and have him gone no chance to say goodbye...oh geez get teary eyed thinking about again its pitiful. His wifey got killed by one of our dogs a couple weeks prior and I just kept thinking, he must of been feeling so alone :-( poor guy then we go on vacation and leave him maybe he felt abandoned who knows.

So the other night we went to the fair and my daughter went  into the duck barn not a good idea (and yes my children have my strong since of empathy for animals) she said I could have showed Ace at the fair. Okay okay on to the happy stuff, I looked out my daughter's window this morning and by the pond sat Ace, I couldn't believe I took a double take and then said to Avery is that Ace??? We both ran out the door almost tripping on each other and sure enough there he sat. He was covered in mud and blood and sitting not standing but there he sat by the pond. What a miracle duck he had been gone over two weeks. He is on one leg hopping around. We brought him food and water and he just sat there by us so happy to see us I could just tell (you can think I'm crazy...don't care I know what I know). So tonight he will be back in his cage until his little leg can heal up. Thank you God for your miracles!! You have blessed this family with a second chance with one of our family members again.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Game Face

Okay, okay not sure how these Mom's and Dad's work full time and still have time to accomplish anything. I haven't worked full time in over 6 years and I guess I forgot how tough it is. This is day two of 6-8 weeks on full time and I feel like I have time to eat, sleep, work. I haven't checked email, edited pictures, sent out my daughter's thank you cards. Here's to all you full-time worker's who have this under control as I have discovered from the past two days that I have failed miserably at working full-time and I am going to have to put my game face on to survive 6 weeks.