Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Do you settle? Do you accept that this is it? That this is as good as life is gonna get and you settle? I'm not a settler....I know that there are bigger better things out there. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with my quaint  little country life... it's peaceful, it's forgiving, it's rewarding, it's quiet, but I know there is more for me. I know my body has lots of energy to give me so many things, I know God is pushing me to do more, I dream of blogging for a company one day, I dream of capturing the most profoundly beautiful pictures for so many people. I'm not a settler....I want at least an acre organic garden, I want a pool for my kids, I want my brother's family here in Ohio. I want to rescue many many animals one day, I want to re-visit North Carolina and watch the horses on the beach, I want to have a more forgiving heart, I want to drive a Range-Rover (well we can all dream maybe just a test drive), I just want to never settle for what is given to me, it's not about being ungrateful it's about listening to all that energy in your soul that says there are bigger and better things ahead for your life...Don't just sit back and settle!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Instagram Dump~

Instagram Addict...oh yes I am!
It's my Thursday Dump Party
I have decided I need to do this weekly or my phone will be in overload.

Hope you have a Fab Thursday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

~Strawberries & Cream~

It's sooooo Monday and I don't mind a bit. It is my one day off during the week and unlike many Monday haters I simply treasure it, it's my Happy Day!!
I thought I would share a little recipe today I came up with for the kiddos so that after their hot field day at school today they would have a yummy healthy treat to come home to.

You will need:
~ ice
 ~ almond milk (vanilla flavored)
~ strawberries (we got ours at Monnin's Fruit Farm)
~ Agave
~ Truwhip (all natural cool whip)

Mix strawberries, ice, almond milk and a little agave in blender. Then drop in Popsicle molds alternating with cool whip =  Happy Kids :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~Mom & Pop's Plug~

Happy Wednesday everyone, we are working are way closer to the weekend :-)
I have a new mission for the next few months and that would be to do a better job giving a shout out to some of the local small business's that I frequent. Lord knows in this economy we all need all the help we can get and if you are like me and want to help I would welcome a guest post for a local business anyday & anytime!
Today it is one of my favorite places in Clayton ~A Bushel & A Peck~ mostly because I love, love, love their dried peas....oh I know it sounds awful and I really do hate peas but for some reason dried they taste like corn nuts and I am hooked. It is a great little store with all kinds of yummy's and lots of bulk foods. They have many different dried vegetables to try like green beans and okra. If you have not stopped in they are across the street from Landes Meat Market on Haber Road in Clayton.

A Bushel & A Peck
9515 Haber Road
Clayton, OH 45315
Hours: Tues., Wed, Fri. 9-5, Thurs. 9-6 Sat. 9-2  

Thank you to my best friend Amy & her cutie pie daughter for bringing me some today to brighten my day she knows me well!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

~Zoo Date~

Me, You & the Zoo! I got the privilege of going to the Zoo with my son's 1st grade class this week. I was so excited to be picked because they do a lottery and only pick so many parents to go and while I would love to go to all of them this was the school trip I was hoping for. We had a hot but gorgeous day and I was able to snap lots of pictures in between helping keep track of a wild bunch of 1st graders. Here are some of our favorites...

The bear because quit honestly I believe he was trying to smile at my camera
Nope...never mind this is the same face my kids give me now
The monkey who seemed to have the life......napping in the breeze
Sweet little elephant on the hill, playing all by himself...
Oh my gracious the sea lion who entertained all of us
Happy Feet, always a favorite
Ummmmm....cute but forget what it is
Polar bears are usually our favorite but today he just wasn't up for entertaining
Sharks are for sure not on my favorite list, but all the kids couldn't get enough
Dolphins...so mesmerizing!!
And then there was Sam...don't really know his name but he looked like Sam to me and I could have stared at this gentle giant for hours....

Hope you enjoyed our little visit as much as we all did
~All these cuties were at the Indianapolis Zoo~

Friday, May 4, 2012

~And just like that she's gone~

If you know me, you know I've been struggling with letting my daughter go on a class trip. This has been a big deal for me. I don't want to say that I shelter my little miss, but it took a lot of work to get her into this world and God knows I am going to do everything I can to keep her safe and protect her. I think I would feel better if I could talk to her and hear her voice, but there are really only calls allowed if there is an emergency and I kinda doubt that OMG I need to hear my daughter's voice qualifies as an emergency. So... as we go about the night before she leaves packing all the items they want her to have, I struggle to keep my Momma mouth closed and not say what I would love to say,which is please do not go, you will not have any fun, there will be bugs and lightning and bad food. However, deep down I know that she will be fine there will not be bugs, lightning and bad food it will be a great she will have a wonderful learning experience and will be home to tell me all about it in  a few days.

~Side Note~
I delayed posting this until the kiddos were home
So yes, my lovely is home and yes she had a blast