Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~Lessons Learned in March~

1. I learned that I miss Atlanta's weather more than ever.
2. I learned that my little Ford Edge stinks in the snow.
3. I learned that my friends totally have my back.
4. I learned that my country drives listening to my music is the best therapy money can by.
5. I learned that giving up dark chocolate forever, well it just will never happen.
6. I learned that paying cash at Chipotle so a certain someone doesn't really know the extent of my habit is a little crazy.
7. I learned that by not asking my daughter to take her pictures, she now comes and asks me :-)
8. I learned that some teachers, should really not be teaching! Hope you read this
9. I learned that having a German Shepard puppy means nothing, I mean nothing can be on the floor.
10. I learned that I really am going to miss those Dayton Demonz.
Happy Hump Day My Friends!
~love to see what March has taught you all~

1 comment:

  1. Love your post sis.
    I learned that living in the country isn't as bad as it would seem. I learned that I need to not give up so easy on things that seem difficult at first. I learned (even more so) that time is so prcious and I need to seize every opportunity to see all the ones I love! Have a great Wednesday Jen.


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