Friday, January 25, 2013

{Saddle Up}

You up for lessons?
I so am despite how cold that darn barn is.
My daughter recently started horse back lessons and oh my gracious how I dreamed of this when I was young. I had a pony named Goldie for a couple of years and I dreamed of glameing her up and taking her to a show but instead I used flowers from the yard and pretended we were really fancied up. So fast forward a couple of years (kidding a lot of years) later here sits my daughter on this pretty little horse named Gus and I am so happy she gets to do this. His hair braided so pretty and the hair fluff around his ankles...good gracious this boy is a looker.
 As a mom it's a beautiful thing to see your daughter fall so hard for something, she adores this barn and is in love with these horses. The first night after we left the barn she said, "look mom my boots are dirty." Gotta love it, she got new Justin boots for her birthday and has been dying for them to look like they came straight from the barn, she can now wear them a little prouder...melts my heart!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~I am a small drop of rain~

I know...I know....I am only one gal, in one small town, but I know there is a lot I need to accomplish in this life. I have gotten away from volunteering because of my crazy schedule, however it is always on my mind. I want to do more!!! I want to help others more!!! I have it in me, I can push harder I can give up some other things in order to make this time in my schedule happen. So for today this is where I will start...with the story tugging on my heart. {Puppies} Of course we all all our suckers for puppies and I don't want this to be a one time thing just because of the royal cuteness of the puppies but for today, after work this is where the kids and I will give a little of our hearts.
Posted on Facebook Monday January 21,013
Humane Society of Preble County
Please help us if you can! We need help in feeding the many hungry puppy residents of the Pet Center. We took in 16 puppies today-- all of which are 10 weeks old or younger. This has brought our total to 22 puppies under 12 weeks old. We are asking for donations of Purina Puppy Chow and Pedigree canned puppy food to help feed all of these sweet and hungry babies. Thank you!
No worries to my fellow readers not in this area, there is always [always] a need at your local Humane Society for help. It can be in the form of just volunteering your time our it could be donating items either way if it's tugging at your heart to do more with your time, then make it happen!
Oh and if your in the place where you can adopt and share your home meet Katie she is 3 and is up for adoption in Eaton right now :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~Baby, It's Cold Outside~

Happy Freaking Cold Tuesday,
It's was 15 below here last night with a high of 10 today and I'm dreaming of Rosemary Beach, Florida. It's "our place". It's the place where our family makes memories. It's as close to Mexico as you can get without going. It's turquoise water and sugar white sand. It's a place to go see dolphins playing in the Gulf, it's fabulous snorkeling. It's where I like to go in my head on days like this. We always talk about going somewhere else each year, but then we always agree we want clear water and white sand and there is nowhere else I would rather be vacationing in Florida then here. Rosemary Beach is just off of 30-A near Destin, if you haven't made the drive down 30-A it's a must. You can take this into Panama City if your up for about a thirty minute drive. It's a drive like no other, following the coast all the way to your destination.
Check out this link to all the great places to eat and stay along 30-a!


Monday, January 21, 2013

~B4 & After~

 I feel a little refreshed today, I got to get out and take a long drive. It helps me, it strengthens me, it revives me...Can't explain what getting in my car and just driving listening to my favorite tunes does to my mushy brain but it feels as though the sponge has been squeezed dry and I'm ready for more. Sorry it's been a bit since I wrote however, 2013  has been not so nice to me. It's okay though I've made the most of it and I've come to realize it just is what it is. My black cloud is gone as of today, says me!
Thought I would show off some before and after pics as I get requests for this often and for what kind of camera I use.  I shoot with a Nikon camera and I do shoot raw.  It was good timing to have to do some before and after pictures as my picture frames in the house were a bit outdated anyway. So here ya go enjoy. And as always please feel free to ask my questions.





Oh Happy Day....I figured out my uploading mess

~Tech Trouble~

Sorry everyone, I have been having some technical difficulties and I want to cry! My picture up loader changed from being able to upload from my computer to Picasa and I am not a fan of it right now. Please have patience as I am working hard to figure out a different route.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

~The Grind Begins Again~

It's back to the grind...You know the routine, packing lunches, laying out clothes, remembering if you signed all the parent notes that needed your attention.
Oh the joys of coming off a Holiday. It tends to take me a week or so to re coupe and get back into the full grind of the everyday meals, homework and after school activities. I must confess though there is nothing else I would rather be doing other than this parent/child chaos. I have tried repeatedly to be a scheduled weekly dinner menu mom that goes by what is written on the little chalkboards and dry erase calenders and well that just isn't me nor will it ever be no matter how pretty and organized pinterest shows I can become. I am always gonna be just a last minute, pinterest dreaming, snooze pushing, fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal.....take me or leave me it's who I am!
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, and more importantly I hope you got to be an example today!
 (a good example of course)