Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~I am a small drop of rain~

I know...I know....I am only one gal, in one small town, but I know there is a lot I need to accomplish in this life. I have gotten away from volunteering because of my crazy schedule, however it is always on my mind. I want to do more!!! I want to help others more!!! I have it in me, I can push harder I can give up some other things in order to make this time in my schedule happen. So for today this is where I will start...with the story tugging on my heart. {Puppies} Of course we all all our suckers for puppies and I don't want this to be a one time thing just because of the royal cuteness of the puppies but for today, after work this is where the kids and I will give a little of our hearts.
Posted on Facebook Monday January 21,013
Humane Society of Preble County
Please help us if you can! We need help in feeding the many hungry puppy residents of the Pet Center. We took in 16 puppies today-- all of which are 10 weeks old or younger. This has brought our total to 22 puppies under 12 weeks old. We are asking for donations of Purina Puppy Chow and Pedigree canned puppy food to help feed all of these sweet and hungry babies. Thank you!
No worries to my fellow readers not in this area, there is always [always] a need at your local Humane Society for help. It can be in the form of just volunteering your time our it could be donating items either way if it's tugging at your heart to do more with your time, then make it happen!
Oh and if your in the place where you can adopt and share your home meet Katie she is 3 and is up for adoption in Eaton right now :-)

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