Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's DIY Goo ( I heart Goo)

You will need a plastic cup
Borax, a mold
Glue (clear or regular)
Food Coloring (We choose red & blue with the clear glue)
Add about a half of regular size bottle of glue to your cup
Add 2 tbsp. water to glue
Add your food coloring enough to make the color you want (for red it takes almost half a bottle)
Stir...then in a cleaned out two liter mix 1/4c. borax with half 2 liter of water shake it up
Use a new plastic spoon and poor in about 2 capfuls of borax mixture to glue mixture, it will instantly become lumpy. Continue stirring and adding a little more borax mixture at a time until it is a good goo texture.
Should look like this, you can put in tubberware and play with over and over or put in a mold to take a shape then transfer to plastic wrap or tubberware or it will dry out
We choose these adorable hearts for Valentine's
Of course we wanted to put ours in these adorable vintage boxes
This is what the clear glue looks like with blue food coloring
Adorable packing from Hobby Lobby
We thought I <3 goo instead of you would be sweet!

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