Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Do you settle? Do you accept that this is it? That this is as good as life is gonna get and you settle? I'm not a settler....I know that there are bigger better things out there. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with my quaint  little country life... it's peaceful, it's forgiving, it's rewarding, it's quiet, but I know there is more for me. I know my body has lots of energy to give me so many things, I know God is pushing me to do more, I dream of blogging for a company one day, I dream of capturing the most profoundly beautiful pictures for so many people. I'm not a settler....I want at least an acre organic garden, I want a pool for my kids, I want my brother's family here in Ohio. I want to rescue many many animals one day, I want to re-visit North Carolina and watch the horses on the beach, I want to have a more forgiving heart, I want to drive a Range-Rover (well we can all dream maybe just a test drive), I just want to never settle for what is given to me, it's not about being ungrateful it's about listening to all that energy in your soul that says there are bigger and better things ahead for your life...Don't just sit back and settle!!!!

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