Friday, September 28, 2012

~ Are You An Example ~

I have to ponder over this question a bit....
What would you say if someone asked you? I know what I would say, I'm trying really, really hard. Our Pastor said that there was a poll online where they asked teenagers, if they want to grow up and be like their parents and only 30 percent said yes. Ummmmmmm ouch! It got me thinking if I was really being an example to my children, I mean the kind of example I need to be and how would my kids answer this question, of course we all want better things for our children but we would also hope they would say of course I want to be like my Mom & Dad. I was in Kroger's parking lot and some teenager kids rolled down their window and threw trash out into the parking lot and quite honestly I almost came unglued. Like really??? Who is it raising children to think this is ok? Do they have no example in their life? You have to wonder because I know if I ever saw one of my kids do this we would have some serious problems. Parenting is hard, trying to be an example all the time....even harder, but you have to remember they didn't choose to be brought into this life you did, It is your responsibility to make sure you are raising responsible kids the kind of kids that are still responsible even when you are not around. I always say once you have children you loose the right to be selfish!
~ Much Love, Enjoy Your Sunny Friday ~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

~Count me Out~

It's Thursday, and while I've had a great day at work, great lunch date, I just want to be done!
I want to be home grilling out, working out, and hanging out. I guess it's the gloomy weather for three days in a row that have put me in this incredible funk. I am a sunshine kinda Gal and yes the gloominess plays with my moods. I want to escape to Atlanta on days like this and go hiking at Kennesaw Mountain or fly to Scottsdale and attempt to re-climb Camelback Mountain - 1st time I attempted Cambelback Mountain I was with a friend and my Dad. It was exhilarating when we got to the top 2 hours later, and the views all over Scottsdale were nothing short of breathtaking. The climb down, not so much, my Dad's knee gave out and well we pretty much had to carry the poor guy!! I have wanted to get back out there and try it again ever since. One day..........until then a Gal can always dream ~ <3 ~
Enjoy your Thursday my Sweets! Hope you are at home by now doing something fabulous!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

~Editing On A Rainy Day~

Alrighty...Happy Wednesday!
Busy day off to work this morning, now home editing the rest of little Brennan's pictures. Hope they make his Momma fall in love with them because I totally have and can't wait to deliver the disc to her. It's rainy, and I have edited and edited and now it's me time. I'm ready for my warm bath & a glass of Moscato!! My gift to myself for finishing them :-)
Gotta love this face <3

Sunday, September 23, 2012

~Brennan's Picture Day~

Happy Sunday All!
Hope you got to get out and enjoy the awesome weather today. I got to get out in it and play photographer for the day <3 Thought I would share a sneak peek of this little busy guy's pictures.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

~My Saturday Rant~

I know Happy Freakin Saturday right?!?!? So not my style to complain and rant especially because I find it very disturbing that their is actually a rant spot on Craigslist and even more disturbing what people put on there. There really are some severally angry people in the world. So to all my fellow readers, buckle in I need to rant!
Cus I'm pretty much over......
~ CANCER (it really shouldn't still exsist with all we know now)
~ politics (ughhhhhhh I can't take no more of the lies, deception and empty promises)
~ Gun laws (really...are we even having this argument this is land of the free right???)
~ Celebrity Charity Events (so you make 15 million a year and you gave up 1 million for a good  
   cause, good for you, you deserve a big pat on the back....paaaalease.
~ The Lottery (instead of letting it grow to 125 million, wouldn't it be better to make 125 people  
~ The million dollar Doppler System Channel 2 has for tracking weather (I would so ask for a refund)
~ The millions we spent downtown Dayton on that silly water feature (yet they can't afford to pay our
    police & fire??????)
~ Free Vaccinations (they are not free, you will pay for years for all the crap they are putting in your
~  People who leave their shopping carts out of the cart corale (no really it's there for a reason)
~ That waitress that calls me sweetie (I don't know why it bugs me, it annoys my husband that it bugs
    me but i feel if I'm old enough to be your Mom you don't need to call me sweetie).

Alrighty, thanks and sorry for that but I feel better. Everyone enjoy their weekend, be safe! And if any of my readers are Craigslist Ranters....oh my, start a blog!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~Our Place~

So.......there is this little space that is being built in the woods, it's kinda their place/my place and it's a little piece of tranquil heaven in the the Pines. It's completely unfinished but yet I already find myself being called to the Pine trees. Today after work, as I waited for Avery to get off the bus I thought I would surprise her with a blanket, a snack and a few magazine's and escape to "Our Place". It was a great way to take in her day with her and listen as she explained the good and bad of being a big 5th grader this year. I have to admit at times I caught myself drifting to 5th grade for me.... eeeeeekk no, no... come back to her it's got to be way better than it was for me. I remember more of the bad than the good and having stuff thrown in my hair the entire long bus route home and how I just wanted to get off that stinkin bus so bad. Thank goodness for Avery she gets off her long ride home with a big smile and laughing at some of the funny stuff her bus driver said to her. It for sure eases my mind! Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday and got to unwind in your own peaceful way.

Monday, September 17, 2012

~Are you tired? Are you happy?~

Are you tired?
Are you happy?
I have these two questions that I get asked repeatedly by a sweet little lady that comes into the office. My first thought usually is well crap I thought I looked okay today, however since she always thinks I'm tired I guess I look like poop. Am I happy? Of course I'm happy I'm living the life of what I always wanted, I wanted two kids, a nice little home in a small town, YES I'm stinkin happy. Then after she leaves I start to panic..well I look like crap and I'm soooo not happy. Is she playing mind games with me? How does this woman have so much control over my mind every time she leaves. Is she playing reverse psychology? Does she know what she is doing? She is making me question these things. OMG, why do I even let her ask me those things I clearly know what she will ask me...I must stop the insanity! I know I don't look perfect thank you Miss for pointing it out. I am a Mom & a Wife, I work two jobs, I cook dinner, I clean the house, I run kids to practice, I blog, I do photography, I edit pictures, I am busy. I don't have time to lay around with cucumbers on my eyes or get massages, I repeat I am a Mom and a Wife. My life is chaotic at best!
Am I happy? I am happy...I look forward to each day, I am blessed to be a parent, I am happy to call this town my home, I am happy to be able to work and blog and run my kids places, I am very happy to be able to cook and clean and have movie night with my kids and date nights with my Hubby. I am happy to have a little car that runs well and is good on gas. I am happy to have so many people I see at the office each week that bless me everyday. I am happy to have a second job that allows me to get home in time to get my kiddos off the bus. Okay, did I answer those? I am really tired some days as most Moms are and I have some many days I do not look my best, but I am happy and I wouldn't trade this chaotic, crazy mess for anything.
Have a blessed Monday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

~Rock Star Ronan~

I am compelled today to write about little man Ronan. I heard his story through Taylor Swift who co-wrote the beautiful song "Ronan" with his Mommy Maya, if you haven't had a chance to listen to it please take a moment and check it out. I listened to it with my son and daughter and we were all teary eyed. I went to to check out Maya's blog about her beautiful son and got completely sucked into his whole story, and oh my is it ever a beautiful one!
Maya made a list of how to live like a Rockstar, how to live a life that would make Ronan proud. I think we can all learn from this list. Take it in, print it out, put it on your fridge, talk to your kids about it, it's how we all need to approach life!


1) Be thankful. For all that you have. No matter how much or how little. If you have kids, be thankful that they are healthy. Nothing else matters. If you don’t have kids, be thankful for your health or the health of the loved ones in your life. Just be THANKFUL. And know what it truly means.

2) If you’re not happy, change your life and become happy. Happiest people are the most beautiful. Become the happy person you want to be. Life is too short, not to be happy. Ronan almost lived 4 years on this earth. I’ve never in my life met a happier person then he was and look at everything he endured. Cancer never got in the way of his happiness, until the last week of his life when his life was no longer his to live. He was ROBBED of his happiness. You do not have to be; so stop complaining.

3) Volunteer. At a Homeless Shelter. At an Animal Hospital. At The Ronald McDonald House. Whatever you are passionate about. Just do something to make a difference. Volunteer at a hospital…. there are so many sick babies who need people to hold and love them. Get involved. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

4) Donate BLOOD or PLATELETS. It’s not that hard. REGISTER to become a BONE MARROW DONER. You could help save someone’s life.

5) Scream about Childhood Cancer Awareness with me until people start to listen. Write to local companies, small companies, big companies, your favorite Celebrity, the Media, Congress, The President, The White House, anyone you can think of; until people start to listen. If there are enough of us screaming, they will have to at some point. The lack of awareness/funding is UNFUCKINGACCEPTABLE. Media is very powerful. We have to get them on our side.

6) Educate the people around you about how this can happen to anyone. If you want your child to get a Urine Test, ask for it. Knowledge is POWER. Learn the FACTS about Childhood Cancer, like it is your bible. Know what it is you are passionate about, and why. Educate people about this blog. Scream about Ronan’s story to anyone who will listen.

7) Rules were meant to be broken in life. Break down the doors. Don’t give up if you are told No. I don’t care if it is a hundred times. Nobody ever made history in this world, by playing by the rules. REBELS RULE. Embrace your Inner REBEL. Ronan would love this so freaking much.

8) Question everything and follow your instincts. Listen to you heart as it is more powerful than your mind.

9) Take a Holiday, once a year and do something completely selfless. How amazing would it be if everyone stopped worrying about themselves, gifts, fancy clothes, on a Holiday and took the time to go to a local Hospital to drop off toys or gift cards to the parents who are struggling/sad/lonely/or depressed because their “Holiday,” now consists of living in a hospital, fighting for their child’s life. Take our self-indulgent Holidays and bring the smile to the face of a child or parent who could use it a thousand more times than you. Take your kids with you and tell them why you are doing this and why it is important.

10) Please stop to enjoy the music in life. By blasting the music you love, the loudest it will possibly go, while having an insane dance party with yourself or your kids. They will love you more for it.

11) Be inspired and inspire other people around you. Find your inspiration. Move mountains with it. Form an army. Join an army. Make something happen.

12) Get off your ass and exercise. It will change your life. It is saving mine. Run for Ronan, because he will never get the chance to run a marathon with me, like I often dreamed of. Swim for Ronan. Bike for Ronan. Walk for Ronan. Ski for Ronan. Do it for yourself and for all the other kids who will never be able to, because they are not among the living anymore. Be HEALTHY. Eat better. Stop freaking smoking. It’s insulting. Not to mention, just plain gross. YOU are better than that, otherwise, you would not continue to read this blog.

13) Get angry. But turn that anger into something positive. Do NOT start dealing with your anger by hitting the bottle, hurting others, or doing drugs. Let your anger fuel your fire, but in a positive way.

14) Pursue your dreams. If they don’t come true, at least you know you tried. Do not be afraid to fail. You should be more afraid of not trying and never knowing.

15) Continue to talk about Ronan, his story, his fight, his beauty, his life, his death…. Help me honor him by continuing to believe in him the way you do. Take my pain, of losing him, and continue on this adventure, with me. I am humbled and so thankful by all of you who continue to want to support and love Ronan. It makes me stronger. It makes me feel as if I can really change the face of Childhood Cancer because of the endless amount of love and support.

16) Love your family and friends. Cut the drama out of your life if anybody brings it to you. Stop apologizing, but apologize when necessary. Be true to yourself, your beliefs, your life.

17) Never settle. EVER.

18) LOVE with your whole heart, soul, mind and body. Make sure the people in your life, are worth it. If they are, give them everything you have.

19) Stop freaking out because your kid colored on the wall, with a black Sharpie, and then peed all over the carpet. Be glad you have a kid to create such a little creative piece of Art for you. Embrace their Inner Spiciness.

20) Teach your Children. Educate them on how lucky they are. Teach them to be kind to others. Don’t lie to them. Let them make mistakes. Guide them, push them, pull them, engage with them. Be present. Life is hard. Let them know this.

Friday, September 7, 2012

~ You will never have this day again ~

Do those words scare you? They scare the heck out of me. I came across this awesome picture with this beautiful message and it got me thinking....

I need to slow down, life is fast, life is busy, life is chaotic, life is messy, I must slow down and take it all in more everyday. My daughter is 10 and my son is 8 and as like any other parent I do not know where the time has went. We are not promised tomorrow, that is a fact and I know this first hand. Life is constantly moving forward whether you want it to or not. I got to see my son and take in all his sweet little freckles and kiss him goodbye, however I woke up late today and my husband already had my daughter on her bus. This was so not my plan, so as I sit here typing I am teary eyed and counting down the minutes until I can see her little happy face.
Happy Friday everyone, hope you find the time to study your children today, as tomorrow they will not be the same.
Oh....and yes, don't think for a minute I am not planning a picture like this!!