Monday, September 17, 2012

~Are you tired? Are you happy?~

Are you tired?
Are you happy?
I have these two questions that I get asked repeatedly by a sweet little lady that comes into the office. My first thought usually is well crap I thought I looked okay today, however since she always thinks I'm tired I guess I look like poop. Am I happy? Of course I'm happy I'm living the life of what I always wanted, I wanted two kids, a nice little home in a small town, YES I'm stinkin happy. Then after she leaves I start to panic..well I look like crap and I'm soooo not happy. Is she playing mind games with me? How does this woman have so much control over my mind every time she leaves. Is she playing reverse psychology? Does she know what she is doing? She is making me question these things. OMG, why do I even let her ask me those things I clearly know what she will ask me...I must stop the insanity! I know I don't look perfect thank you Miss for pointing it out. I am a Mom & a Wife, I work two jobs, I cook dinner, I clean the house, I run kids to practice, I blog, I do photography, I edit pictures, I am busy. I don't have time to lay around with cucumbers on my eyes or get massages, I repeat I am a Mom and a Wife. My life is chaotic at best!
Am I happy? I am happy...I look forward to each day, I am blessed to be a parent, I am happy to call this town my home, I am happy to be able to work and blog and run my kids places, I am very happy to be able to cook and clean and have movie night with my kids and date nights with my Hubby. I am happy to have a little car that runs well and is good on gas. I am happy to have so many people I see at the office each week that bless me everyday. I am happy to have a second job that allows me to get home in time to get my kiddos off the bus. Okay, did I answer those? I am really tired some days as most Moms are and I have some many days I do not look my best, but I am happy and I wouldn't trade this chaotic, crazy mess for anything.
Have a blessed Monday!


  1. I don't need to ask sis...You look beautiful and I know how happy and grateful you are!! It shines out from you!

  2. You are beautifully and wonderfully made! Know that the light that shines on you flows through you!


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