Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~Our Place~

So.......there is this little space that is being built in the woods, it's kinda their place/my place and it's a little piece of tranquil heaven in the the Pines. It's completely unfinished but yet I already find myself being called to the Pine trees. Today after work, as I waited for Avery to get off the bus I thought I would surprise her with a blanket, a snack and a few magazine's and escape to "Our Place". It was a great way to take in her day with her and listen as she explained the good and bad of being a big 5th grader this year. I have to admit at times I caught myself drifting to 5th grade for me.... eeeeeekk no, no... come back to her it's got to be way better than it was for me. I remember more of the bad than the good and having stuff thrown in my hair the entire long bus route home and how I just wanted to get off that stinkin bus so bad. Thank goodness for Avery she gets off her long ride home with a big smile and laughing at some of the funny stuff her bus driver said to her. It for sure eases my mind! Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday and got to unwind in your own peaceful way.

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