Tuesday, April 16, 2013

~My Girl~

Sometimes....just sometimes life gives you something so beautiful there are no words to describe the fullness in your heart.
She is my mini.....she is my sunshine.....she is my reason for the smile on my face many days.....
She is my girl...the one who I thought I would never have, the one who shares my love of old trucks, she is my stubborn-side made over, she is her brother's protector, she is my July firecracker, she is my reminder of all things good, she is my daily blessing, she is my shopping partner in crime, she is her daddy's girl, she is my country music go to gal, she is my meat-eating carnivore, she is my girl and I simply adore her!

Prayers being sent to Boston to all those families and friends affected by such a horrific tragedy!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~Craigslist Junkie~

Are you a Craigslist Junkie?
I would say this household is. I buy on it, sell on it, find jobs on it. It's kind of like a virtual flea market for me. It has come in handy for so many good things. I wish I would have documented everything we have bought and sold on this site. People say it's not always the safest but I only meet people in public places and from now on I will take my Miss Nella Blue with me, she looks evil - ha ha!
I  have only had one encounter at a gas station once that was a little odd. I was meeting a lady to buy a vintage high chair kind of out in the middle of nowhere. We were going to meet at a gas station though and it didn't take me as long to get there as I thought so I sat for a while.  A lady finally pulled in and sat for a bit so I assumed it was her. I went up to her window and asked if she was Mary? She looked at me very odd and then said, "Excuse me, yes I am married"....ughhh no I didn't ask if you were married I said are you Mary? Oh my....needless to say she did laugh after I told her I was meeting a Mary for something I bought off craigslist. Hope I don't have any more of those moments.  I'm very thankful it wasn't an under cover cop who didn't believe my story.
Love to hear your Craigslist Moments.....