Saturday, December 29, 2012

~Holiday Heaven~

Happy Saturday My Sweet Readers!
Hope all has been well. I have been on a Holiday for awhile now just soaking in everything this season. We have had lots of snow in our area this year compared to last year and it's been wonderful. Well mostly wonderful, I had to be chained and pulled from a ditch once but the kids thought it was kinda fun (I did just say I was gonna try new things, not sure that is one I had in mind)
 Hope everyone was able to bless someone this year for Christmas and take in all the wonderful memories this time of year makes.
I received a blessing from Lena over at Lena B, Actually this year and what a nice surprise! I won  a spot on her blog please feel free to go check her blog out and become a follower she is wonderful and is beyond generous!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~Don't Care~

He's been sick so things, they change:
He has slept on the couch
He has ate in the living room
He couldn't do his homework
And guess what? I don't care!
My little man got the nasty stomach flu that's going around and it hit him hard. He was completely lethargic, kinda odd to not have your child in an upright position for over 24 hours. I felt horrible. High fever, very weak. No Mom ever wants their child that sick. He never gets sick I guess that is what makes it worse for me. So we loaded him up with more vitamins than normal and thank the Heavens today, he woke up a new man. So now it's about trying to feed him. He wanted pasta with butter, seems gross and turned my stomach thinking about butter after throwing up however, when your kid is back to himself you want them to have whatever they finally want to eat. So pasta and butter it was.

Hope everyone had a fab Wednesday, now go be an example we all know the World needs them!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

~Maybe It's Not About You, It's About Your Kids~

Good Morning,
I think I am coming out of my fog a bit today. I feel like this week was a bit of a blur. We had every darn intention of decorating the tree Monday night but with all that went on with our Quie girl our evening quickly was rearranged for us. The kids have asked me a couple times when we are going to decorate and all I can say to them is, decorating our tree is a happy occasion, a fun memory...Are you full of fun & happy this week? I surely am not. So needless to say I think we will try to decorate our tree this Sunday. It's been up for a week with just the lights on it and nothing else, I guess it's time to make one of my favorite things to do for the kids a good memory and try not to be consumed with sadness for my little potbelly girl. My oh my did that little princess have a potbelly when I brought her home. The first night at the house she laid right on my pillow, she was so tiny and sweet and full of puppy breath. She didn't wimper for her momma like they all said she would cause she knew she had a new one, a human one. She was my little sidekick while I lived in Ohio without my hubby. I truly am gonna miss that little snausage girl.
Have a great Thursday, thank you for all the kind words regarding Kahlua!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~Finding The Right Words~

Ughh....really, is it morning already? I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep at all my body tells me. My thoughts were with my Kahlua girl. Was she in pain? Did she wonder why I didn't do more for her....yep, not a good night. So as I start my day and feel my feet hit the floor I take a deep breath to face my kids puffy crying faces. I can do this my mind tells me, you are their Mom, you are the one to make them know all will be okay. So I did just that I put my Mom game face on and go wake them up. I know they are like me they would like to stay in bed and shut the world out today, unfortunately that isn't an option.
Good Morning kiddos! So sorry for yesterday, it was a bad day. I don't know how many more times they are comforted by hearing me say it was a bad day, probably no comfort at all. I suck at being a good Mom some days and finding the right words. I need a do over button way more days then I would ever care to admit. My mind says stop pretending your strong when Lord knows you are not. Stop pretending the sight of her pink blanket didn't already bring you to tears. Tell them what really wants to come out of your mouth which is let's go back to bed, not pretend all is well in the world today, let's not put on fake smiles, let's not hide the Kleenex box when people come around, let's dim the lights and just be what we are...........sad!
Then comes reality, I can't miss work today and they really shouldn't miss school so we will all go about our day doing exactly what my mind says I shouldn't......faking smiles.

Monday, November 26, 2012

~Today...Monday, You Suck~

Mondays are good for me. I am off work and I usually get to get caught up on my house cleaning, laundry, editing pictures, or anything I can't seem to get done during my work days. I woke up with a happy little smile on my face knowing I could check some things off my never ending to do list.

But then, more quickly than I ever happens, it isn't always what you are expecting, "life has many twists and turns", as my sweet Dad says. My daughter got off the bus today excited about guitar lessons tonight and little did we both know she would not be going. Our sweet little
Jack Russel Kahlua had a seizure, a long one, a scary to witness one. We got through it and I scrambled to call our vet although Kahlua has never had one so I wasn't to sure what they would do for her. Once I got through they said not to much we can do, blood work if you want to bring her in tomorrow. So we held her and watched her and over about a half hour she seemed to be coming back to herself. Then my son got off the bus and I broke the news to him that we were still watching her to see if she was going to be okay, however just as I was feeling like she would be fine she ran straight into the wall and started up with a really bad seizure again. We put her in my daughter's blanket and drove much faster than I should of as my poor daughter held her dog in the car as she had seizure after seizure. Needless to say it's been a long evening and our Kahlua went to be with our Mastiff Babar and our other Jack Russel Claude around 5:45 tonight.

Today, like so many people around me, I am given constant daily reminders of how short life can be.  Our "Quie girl" as we called her was here with me all day completely fine and now she lays in a box in the ground where my hubby came home from work and buried her. My heart feels ripped out today. I held her during her first seizure today and told her she would be okay, yes I told her she would be perfectly okay. And with those words coming out of my mouth so many times as she violently shook, all I really did was let her down. I let her down in the worst way. And as we waited in the car at the emergency vet, I gained enough courage to look my children in the eyes and say our girl is not going to be okay. Life can truly suck some days and today it double sucks!
Godspeed sweet Quie girl...we love you and will miss your little potbelly!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

~The Polar Express~

"Oh Joy", says my daughter. I just laugh. My kids hate Christmas pictures and the funny truth is, I don't really care! I adore them, I love planning them, I love all the sweet comments and those two turkey's are not going to take that away from me. It's my favorite time of the year for pictures. I love coming up with a fun new ideas for them and I love that I can get away with dressing them more vintage then they prefer (even more reason why my kids hate them I guess).  So, after much planning of outfits and hair do's and tracking down the perfect location, we set out for our shoot. The Polar Express is one of our favorite Christmas movies and although the idea in my head seemed much more grand, elaborate and breathtaking then what I was able to shoot, I think I might have our Christmas card this year.
Drum Roll please...............................................................................................................................

Thursday, November 8, 2012

~Did The World Stop~

Do you ever feel like the world should stop for you? I so feel like this at times. I follow Ronan's Mommy's blog over at Rockstar Ronan and the amount of pain that comes from her words leaves me breathless, there are days when I feel as if the world needs to pause, take a moment, not be happy, cry, scream for Maya!! Just knowing there is a Mom out there with the amount of pain in her heart over the loss of a child makes me want to mourn with her. I have days that her words leave me feeling beyond quilty for being happy and having healthy children. I mean really, what makes me any better than her? Why would I get the glory of having my children here with me, to bless me everyday while she doesn't have her little man Ronan her with her to love on. She constantly has to struggle over the pain of questioning if she made the right choices in the end. No Mother anywhere should ever experience this amount of pain and not have the world shut down and morn with her. I know it seems crazy, however I have these feelings when I see someone hurting. It just seems so unfair that the rest of the world goes on with their happy life while someone out there is in an incrediable amount of pain. We recently had a friend of ours pass and at the funeral I looked at his young son, his daughter and beautiful wife who were hurting more than words could ever justify and I thought how sad that we are going to walk out of here and go back to our happy little life all while there family has so much to deal with ahead of them. Life is full of things I question daily, this is one of them. Have a blessed, beautiful Thursday! Go be an example my sweet friends


Thursday, October 18, 2012

~Last First Time~

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I Freaking love this quote I saw on Pinterest.... I think I want this as my next tattoo!! So when was it? The last time for me was 3 months ago when I went outside in my pj's and played in the rain (this wasn't a first time but it was the first time I have played in the rain as an adult, pretty sad right?) Today is a new day and today I am going to do something for the first time. How fun right?!?!?!?! What a fun goal to do way more "firsts". Remember how good those firsts felt, it's invigorating, it makes you feel young, it makes you appreciate more. I have a list already in my head of some firsts that I want to do, anybody with me?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~Flu Season~

It is fast approaching and you are going to start seeing lots and lots of propaganda again about running out to get your flu shot (ughhhhh...say no more I am not a fan but to each his own) I have many people who ask us what we do to protect ourselves and our children over the nasty flu season. First let me start with we DO NOT do the flu vaccine nor would we EVER! If you know me you know I pretty much live at the health food store (Healthy Alternative in Clayton) just ask them they know me ;-). This is what works for my family, hope it helps and feel free I do not mind answering your questions at all! Okay here goes...we do lots of Vitamin C (powdered, not pill), Vitamin D (lots), Acidophilus (eating yogurt isn't good enough), fish oil (good certified organic brand), & lastly a good Multi-Vitamin (not the character ones as I have learned they do not absorb and end up in your toilet). If our child ends up with the flu we do not panic. We do not do medicine because we have been lucky enough to rarely have to use it in our house. We do not try to bring down a tempature because that is the body's way of fighting off the flu. Things I keep on hand during the winter are aloe juice, apple cider vinegar and extra of the above mentioned vitamins). And if all else fails and they just can't kick whatever it is they got going on we call Dr. Suzanne Croteau she is our D.O. in Yellow Springs.

Hope you find this helpful!!
I do not claim to be a Doctor, do not claim to have a cure all, you asked for what works for us and this is it!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

~A Beautiful Life Taken~

I wasn't going to blog today about bullying again, however when I went online this morning I saw the horrific story of Amanda Todd. This beautiful young lady took her life after a long battle with many bully's in her life. It breaks my heart that someone, anyone couldn't help this child out. It also breaks my heart that this world can be so cruel. Please take a minute to listen to her story. She has a big voice through not speaking. This is her story.
Thanks for watching it. Go talk to your children. Make them understand bullying other children is not going to be accepted, watch your children's facebook accounts better yet don't let them have one!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

~Wake Up Parents~

Hmmm...I could say way more today than I would ever find appropriate, so I will try to keep my thoughts organized and under control. This month is Anti-Bully Awareness Month and along with that at school comes cool shirts, posters and even lectures. But how far past that does it really go? Is it all talk? How good of a job are these schools doing to make sure this kinda crap isn't happening? I find it sad how conversations with teachers sometimes just get written off and you get the old "kids will be kids". I agree kids will be kids and I know kids can be awful. It's up to us parents to make sure we sit down with our children and talk about bullying and talk about the pain it inflicts on people. I will say it again, yes I was bullied by a certain popular gal that did not give a s**t how it made me feel and yes she had her friends in on it too. Especially in art class, Dear Lord did she make me hate that class. Everyday I got to hear how fake I was, how ugly, how stupid my glasses looked...oh joy good times! Ok stay on track and focus Jen, so what needs to change? ALOT! Their are children everyday committing suicide because this crap continues. It is out of pure ignorance that this stuff continues and all we do is talk about how it needs to STOP! Let's stop talking and do something about it! Please take a stand, talk to your children, if they are not being bullied I am pretty positive they know someone who is.  Teach them to stand up for their friend, teach them to go to an adult and not be ashamed to tell.

Below is my sister-in-laws blog for everyone to read. This is her son, my nephew, my kid's cousin, my parent's grandson. He is a beautiful kid with a gifted heart and it disgusts me to think he is going through this all because some child is lacking something in their own home. Hope this reaches some people today, and I hope more than anything we can put a real STOP to this!
Go Be An Example - Teach Others- We Can STOP This!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~The Road to Nowhere~

Some days, this is my road...this is my journey. I have nowhere in particular that I'm going yet I drive. Something about my car and the country that give me great peace. This is my place, my space that when I need a break it becomes my therapy. I hit the pavement with a camera in tote and make the best of it. It amazes me the beauty I see in the simple things, must be a sign I'm getting old because their was a time I use to make fun of those who I wold see taking pictures of a tree, or the fog, or just the horizon. Wow, guess that person is now me! Don't get me wrong, I adore shooting people and animals but when I want to get away from everything nature beckons. This morning the fog was dense in our little town as it usually is in October, however it was breathtaking and mesmerizing and I was wishing I was on a road to nowhere instead of work this morning with a little Ray LaMontagne playing all is well in my world. 
Instagram from this morning

                 Hope you get to enjoy a road to nowhere now and again!



Thursday, October 4, 2012


Are you hiding out? I am today, it's one of those days I just feel like I need to be in a ghillie suit. You have these days as well or am I alone on  this thought? I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions. I have to stay focused, I have to keep in mind there is only one of me.
This has been a crazy week, I had this really great, wonderful, fabulous opportunity put in my lap and after much thought I had to turn it down. It makes me sad, but I think I was in over my head. I got asked to travel down near Nashville and do some really cool pictures for a band but I really feel they need a professional. I recently sold all my partner's and my indoor lighting and my camera is not nearly up to par for a role this big. I know it could have probably opened some doors for me, or in my mind they wouldn't have been what they were looking for and I would have regretted ever going down there. It's funny how some days my cheerful little self can be so confident and others day I have ZERO! I don't know, just one of those days where my mind is racing wondering if I made the right call.
Go set an example today, and be someones hero!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~must share~

Two posts a day keeps the doctor away <3!

~Love Much~

Are you a facebook junkie? I would say I would qualify as just that. I don't believe I have went longer then 8 hours without checking in on updates in probably over two years. Is it an addiction? Yes, I would say so. The thing is, it's great for family and friends to catch up, check out each other's pictures and lives and pray for each other during hard times, but that's not where it ends. There is a viscous side, a side of bullying, fighting and just a lot of negative energy. I don't see this side very often but every once in awhile I come across someone using it as just that. Yes, it is freedom of speech I agree completely in that but really who has time for the negativity. Do you not realize the shortness of life. I have had my Mom die twice and brought back to life twice, does that teach me the value of time, absolutely. Go be an inspiration today, and most importantly be nice!
This is a little poem about the value of time and it is has always been one of my favorites.

The value of time poem
To realize
The value of a sister,
Ask someone
Who doesn’t have one.
To realize
The value of ten years,
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.
To realize
The value of four years,
Ask a graduate.
To realize
The value of one year,
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.
To realize
The value of nine months,
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.
To realize
The value of one month,
Ask a mother
who has given birth to
A premature baby.
The value of one week,
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realize
The value of one minute,
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.
To realize
The value of one-second,
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.
Time waits for no one
Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when
you can share it with someone special
To realize the value of a friend or family

Monday, October 1, 2012

~Senior Pics & Crazy Mad Editing~

I'm done!!
Oh.... I love the sound of saying that. I have edited pictures until the wee hours of the night for what feels like days. It's worth it though knowing I am done with Christian's Senior pictures and I can move on to editing little Miss Sophia. Christian's photo shoot went really well despite how sunny it was, we started at the Dayton Art Institute and then moved around Dayton for some cool shots. Such a sweet guy as we finished up he said, "that was actually pretty fun"! Gotta laugh at guys, they have such a harder time posing it up for the camera then girl's do. I could go on and on about the shoot and how being downtown Dayton gives me so much inspiration for photography the buildings are amazing, the new ones and especially the older ones. Anyway, I have editing & cleaning to do so I'm gonna post some of Christian's shoot and call this my blog for Monday! Enjoy the pictures, oh and go be an example for someone today!

Friday, September 28, 2012

~ Are You An Example ~

I have to ponder over this question a bit....
What would you say if someone asked you? I know what I would say, I'm trying really, really hard. Our Pastor said that there was a poll online where they asked teenagers, if they want to grow up and be like their parents and only 30 percent said yes. Ummmmmmm ouch! It got me thinking if I was really being an example to my children, I mean the kind of example I need to be and how would my kids answer this question, of course we all want better things for our children but we would also hope they would say of course I want to be like my Mom & Dad. I was in Kroger's parking lot and some teenager kids rolled down their window and threw trash out into the parking lot and quite honestly I almost came unglued. Like really??? Who is it raising children to think this is ok? Do they have no example in their life? You have to wonder because I know if I ever saw one of my kids do this we would have some serious problems. Parenting is hard, trying to be an example all the time....even harder, but you have to remember they didn't choose to be brought into this life you did, It is your responsibility to make sure you are raising responsible kids the kind of kids that are still responsible even when you are not around. I always say once you have children you loose the right to be selfish!
~ Much Love, Enjoy Your Sunny Friday ~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

~Count me Out~

It's Thursday, and while I've had a great day at work, great lunch date, I just want to be done!
I want to be home grilling out, working out, and hanging out. I guess it's the gloomy weather for three days in a row that have put me in this incredible funk. I am a sunshine kinda Gal and yes the gloominess plays with my moods. I want to escape to Atlanta on days like this and go hiking at Kennesaw Mountain or fly to Scottsdale and attempt to re-climb Camelback Mountain - 1st time I attempted Cambelback Mountain I was with a friend and my Dad. It was exhilarating when we got to the top 2 hours later, and the views all over Scottsdale were nothing short of breathtaking. The climb down, not so much, my Dad's knee gave out and well we pretty much had to carry the poor guy!! I have wanted to get back out there and try it again ever since. One day..........until then a Gal can always dream ~ <3 ~
Enjoy your Thursday my Sweets! Hope you are at home by now doing something fabulous!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

~Editing On A Rainy Day~

Alrighty...Happy Wednesday!
Busy day off to work this morning, now home editing the rest of little Brennan's pictures. Hope they make his Momma fall in love with them because I totally have and can't wait to deliver the disc to her. It's rainy, and I have edited and edited and now it's me time. I'm ready for my warm bath & a glass of Moscato!! My gift to myself for finishing them :-)
Gotta love this face <3

Sunday, September 23, 2012

~Brennan's Picture Day~

Happy Sunday All!
Hope you got to get out and enjoy the awesome weather today. I got to get out in it and play photographer for the day <3 Thought I would share a sneak peek of this little busy guy's pictures.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

~My Saturday Rant~

I know Happy Freakin Saturday right?!?!? So not my style to complain and rant especially because I find it very disturbing that their is actually a rant spot on Craigslist and even more disturbing what people put on there. There really are some severally angry people in the world. So to all my fellow readers, buckle in I need to rant!
Cus I'm pretty much over......
~ CANCER (it really shouldn't still exsist with all we know now)
~ politics (ughhhhhhh I can't take no more of the lies, deception and empty promises)
~ Gun laws (really...are we even having this argument this is land of the free right???)
~ Celebrity Charity Events (so you make 15 million a year and you gave up 1 million for a good  
   cause, good for you, you deserve a big pat on the back....paaaalease.
~ The Lottery (instead of letting it grow to 125 million, wouldn't it be better to make 125 people  
~ The million dollar Doppler System Channel 2 has for tracking weather (I would so ask for a refund)
~ The millions we spent downtown Dayton on that silly water feature (yet they can't afford to pay our
    police & fire??????)
~ Free Vaccinations (they are not free, you will pay for years for all the crap they are putting in your
~  People who leave their shopping carts out of the cart corale (no really it's there for a reason)
~ That waitress that calls me sweetie (I don't know why it bugs me, it annoys my husband that it bugs
    me but i feel if I'm old enough to be your Mom you don't need to call me sweetie).

Alrighty, thanks and sorry for that but I feel better. Everyone enjoy their weekend, be safe! And if any of my readers are Craigslist Ranters....oh my, start a blog!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~Our Place~

So.......there is this little space that is being built in the woods, it's kinda their place/my place and it's a little piece of tranquil heaven in the the Pines. It's completely unfinished but yet I already find myself being called to the Pine trees. Today after work, as I waited for Avery to get off the bus I thought I would surprise her with a blanket, a snack and a few magazine's and escape to "Our Place". It was a great way to take in her day with her and listen as she explained the good and bad of being a big 5th grader this year. I have to admit at times I caught myself drifting to 5th grade for me.... eeeeeekk no, no... come back to her it's got to be way better than it was for me. I remember more of the bad than the good and having stuff thrown in my hair the entire long bus route home and how I just wanted to get off that stinkin bus so bad. Thank goodness for Avery she gets off her long ride home with a big smile and laughing at some of the funny stuff her bus driver said to her. It for sure eases my mind! Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday and got to unwind in your own peaceful way.

Monday, September 17, 2012

~Are you tired? Are you happy?~

Are you tired?
Are you happy?
I have these two questions that I get asked repeatedly by a sweet little lady that comes into the office. My first thought usually is well crap I thought I looked okay today, however since she always thinks I'm tired I guess I look like poop. Am I happy? Of course I'm happy I'm living the life of what I always wanted, I wanted two kids, a nice little home in a small town, YES I'm stinkin happy. Then after she leaves I start to panic..well I look like crap and I'm soooo not happy. Is she playing mind games with me? How does this woman have so much control over my mind every time she leaves. Is she playing reverse psychology? Does she know what she is doing? She is making me question these things. OMG, why do I even let her ask me those things I clearly know what she will ask me...I must stop the insanity! I know I don't look perfect thank you Miss for pointing it out. I am a Mom & a Wife, I work two jobs, I cook dinner, I clean the house, I run kids to practice, I blog, I do photography, I edit pictures, I am busy. I don't have time to lay around with cucumbers on my eyes or get massages, I repeat I am a Mom and a Wife. My life is chaotic at best!
Am I happy? I am happy...I look forward to each day, I am blessed to be a parent, I am happy to call this town my home, I am happy to be able to work and blog and run my kids places, I am very happy to be able to cook and clean and have movie night with my kids and date nights with my Hubby. I am happy to have a little car that runs well and is good on gas. I am happy to have so many people I see at the office each week that bless me everyday. I am happy to have a second job that allows me to get home in time to get my kiddos off the bus. Okay, did I answer those? I am really tired some days as most Moms are and I have some many days I do not look my best, but I am happy and I wouldn't trade this chaotic, crazy mess for anything.
Have a blessed Monday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

~Rock Star Ronan~

I am compelled today to write about little man Ronan. I heard his story through Taylor Swift who co-wrote the beautiful song "Ronan" with his Mommy Maya, if you haven't had a chance to listen to it please take a moment and check it out. I listened to it with my son and daughter and we were all teary eyed. I went to to check out Maya's blog about her beautiful son and got completely sucked into his whole story, and oh my is it ever a beautiful one!
Maya made a list of how to live like a Rockstar, how to live a life that would make Ronan proud. I think we can all learn from this list. Take it in, print it out, put it on your fridge, talk to your kids about it, it's how we all need to approach life!


1) Be thankful. For all that you have. No matter how much or how little. If you have kids, be thankful that they are healthy. Nothing else matters. If you don’t have kids, be thankful for your health or the health of the loved ones in your life. Just be THANKFUL. And know what it truly means.

2) If you’re not happy, change your life and become happy. Happiest people are the most beautiful. Become the happy person you want to be. Life is too short, not to be happy. Ronan almost lived 4 years on this earth. I’ve never in my life met a happier person then he was and look at everything he endured. Cancer never got in the way of his happiness, until the last week of his life when his life was no longer his to live. He was ROBBED of his happiness. You do not have to be; so stop complaining.

3) Volunteer. At a Homeless Shelter. At an Animal Hospital. At The Ronald McDonald House. Whatever you are passionate about. Just do something to make a difference. Volunteer at a hospital…. there are so many sick babies who need people to hold and love them. Get involved. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

4) Donate BLOOD or PLATELETS. It’s not that hard. REGISTER to become a BONE MARROW DONER. You could help save someone’s life.

5) Scream about Childhood Cancer Awareness with me until people start to listen. Write to local companies, small companies, big companies, your favorite Celebrity, the Media, Congress, The President, The White House, anyone you can think of; until people start to listen. If there are enough of us screaming, they will have to at some point. The lack of awareness/funding is UNFUCKINGACCEPTABLE. Media is very powerful. We have to get them on our side.

6) Educate the people around you about how this can happen to anyone. If you want your child to get a Urine Test, ask for it. Knowledge is POWER. Learn the FACTS about Childhood Cancer, like it is your bible. Know what it is you are passionate about, and why. Educate people about this blog. Scream about Ronan’s story to anyone who will listen.

7) Rules were meant to be broken in life. Break down the doors. Don’t give up if you are told No. I don’t care if it is a hundred times. Nobody ever made history in this world, by playing by the rules. REBELS RULE. Embrace your Inner REBEL. Ronan would love this so freaking much.

8) Question everything and follow your instincts. Listen to you heart as it is more powerful than your mind.

9) Take a Holiday, once a year and do something completely selfless. How amazing would it be if everyone stopped worrying about themselves, gifts, fancy clothes, on a Holiday and took the time to go to a local Hospital to drop off toys or gift cards to the parents who are struggling/sad/lonely/or depressed because their “Holiday,” now consists of living in a hospital, fighting for their child’s life. Take our self-indulgent Holidays and bring the smile to the face of a child or parent who could use it a thousand more times than you. Take your kids with you and tell them why you are doing this and why it is important.

10) Please stop to enjoy the music in life. By blasting the music you love, the loudest it will possibly go, while having an insane dance party with yourself or your kids. They will love you more for it.

11) Be inspired and inspire other people around you. Find your inspiration. Move mountains with it. Form an army. Join an army. Make something happen.

12) Get off your ass and exercise. It will change your life. It is saving mine. Run for Ronan, because he will never get the chance to run a marathon with me, like I often dreamed of. Swim for Ronan. Bike for Ronan. Walk for Ronan. Ski for Ronan. Do it for yourself and for all the other kids who will never be able to, because they are not among the living anymore. Be HEALTHY. Eat better. Stop freaking smoking. It’s insulting. Not to mention, just plain gross. YOU are better than that, otherwise, you would not continue to read this blog.

13) Get angry. But turn that anger into something positive. Do NOT start dealing with your anger by hitting the bottle, hurting others, or doing drugs. Let your anger fuel your fire, but in a positive way.

14) Pursue your dreams. If they don’t come true, at least you know you tried. Do not be afraid to fail. You should be more afraid of not trying and never knowing.

15) Continue to talk about Ronan, his story, his fight, his beauty, his life, his death…. Help me honor him by continuing to believe in him the way you do. Take my pain, of losing him, and continue on this adventure, with me. I am humbled and so thankful by all of you who continue to want to support and love Ronan. It makes me stronger. It makes me feel as if I can really change the face of Childhood Cancer because of the endless amount of love and support.

16) Love your family and friends. Cut the drama out of your life if anybody brings it to you. Stop apologizing, but apologize when necessary. Be true to yourself, your beliefs, your life.

17) Never settle. EVER.

18) LOVE with your whole heart, soul, mind and body. Make sure the people in your life, are worth it. If they are, give them everything you have.

19) Stop freaking out because your kid colored on the wall, with a black Sharpie, and then peed all over the carpet. Be glad you have a kid to create such a little creative piece of Art for you. Embrace their Inner Spiciness.

20) Teach your Children. Educate them on how lucky they are. Teach them to be kind to others. Don’t lie to them. Let them make mistakes. Guide them, push them, pull them, engage with them. Be present. Life is hard. Let them know this.

Friday, September 7, 2012

~ You will never have this day again ~

Do those words scare you? They scare the heck out of me. I came across this awesome picture with this beautiful message and it got me thinking....

I need to slow down, life is fast, life is busy, life is chaotic, life is messy, I must slow down and take it all in more everyday. My daughter is 10 and my son is 8 and as like any other parent I do not know where the time has went. We are not promised tomorrow, that is a fact and I know this first hand. Life is constantly moving forward whether you want it to or not. I got to see my son and take in all his sweet little freckles and kiss him goodbye, however I woke up late today and my husband already had my daughter on her bus. This was so not my plan, so as I sit here typing I am teary eyed and counting down the minutes until I can see her little happy face.
Happy Friday everyone, hope you find the time to study your children today, as tomorrow they will not be the same.
Oh....and yes, don't think for a minute I am not planning a picture like this!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

~Pencils, Papers, Crayons Oh My!~

Today is the day, and I have to be honest I have totally dreaded it. One because the summer flew by in a blink of an eye and I don't feel like I had enough time with my kiddos (oh to be a stay-at-home mom) and secondly because it is soooooooo much more work once the kids are in school. Pack lunch, unpack lunch and clean out bag, homework, lay out clothes (because if it was up to my son he would wear flip-flops and basketball shorts everyday) and the list goes on and on only to go to bed just to get up and do it all again the next day...oh summer I miss you already!!
I got my camera out (which I know should be a complete shocker) and tried to document the day, so
for those family members that couldn't share it with them...hear ya go!
Avery's Lunch (box bought @ TJ Max)
Avery's Cute Lunch Bag (purchased through Jennifer Barney Womach via Thirty-One)
Zade's Yummo Lunch
Zade's Lunch Bag
My Little 5th Grader Posing For Me
My Favorite 2nd Grader
School's Out...Monkey's Out!
Hope Everyone's Kiddo's had a wonderful day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

~Vintage Love~

Good Monday Morning!
Just wanted to show everyone a couple before & afters. I love what you can do editing pictures, I have a few favorite vintage style edits that I use often.






Thanks for checking some of my pictures out, it is a huge passion of mine and although I have never taking any classess...I think I have mastered some of my favorite vintage looks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

~Want a new life~

Do you dream of a different life? I do, I am not gonna lie sometimes more often then I should. I dream of the Hollywood/Fairytale kind. You know the one where you come home to this beautifully pinterest style decorated home, everything is beyond organized and dinner is already prepared you just have to throw it in the oven. The kids have their homework done because the babysitter already did it with them.  Your honey has secret plans for the two of you to be whisked away on a weekend getaway.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....wait wake up, this is not your life, it is the life created in your head by the media, movie theatre and pinterest world. We all have these moments when we just wish we had more, did more, or just had to do less....I think about this often and I think about those who think they have it all, just to watch it all be taken away. Grateful is a world we do not use nearly enough and mostly only during Thanksgiving. It's a word we need to pay way more attention to and try to incorporate into everyday vocabulary. I woke up today with a grateful heart and my list is to long to write out but I am truly thankful that I have so much to be grateful for! It may not be the fairytale life, but it's real life and I adore it!

Friday, July 20, 2012

~Given 4 Weeks~

~Sorry folks, it's been awhile since I have blogged. I am totally, completely having withdrawals communicating with my blogging world, it's been crazy, busy around our house. I have been blessed many years to have my Sister-in-law and my niece and nephews home for the summer. This year we are not lucky enough to have them here for the whole summer, so we are soaking up every last bit of our four weeks together. They say your cousin is your first best friend and for my kiddos, it is exactly that. They have been attached at the hip for four weeks, and it's been such a blessing to watch them be kids and enjoy all the little things. So while I am heartbroken that this time is coming to an end, I am also grateful that we were able to spend this time together, it means everything to our family!~

  (or your Aunt's house)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I love this, such great truth behind this little statement especially for the blogging community. We have a million little stories trapped in our heads just waiting to come out. My stories today are without words, my instagram is gonna tell my stories on this pretty Tuesday afternoon. If you enjoy my pictures feel free to follow me @smiles4lemons, thanks... much love for the support!!