Thursday, October 4, 2012


Are you hiding out? I am today, it's one of those days I just feel like I need to be in a ghillie suit. You have these days as well or am I alone on  this thought? I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions. I have to stay focused, I have to keep in mind there is only one of me.
This has been a crazy week, I had this really great, wonderful, fabulous opportunity put in my lap and after much thought I had to turn it down. It makes me sad, but I think I was in over my head. I got asked to travel down near Nashville and do some really cool pictures for a band but I really feel they need a professional. I recently sold all my partner's and my indoor lighting and my camera is not nearly up to par for a role this big. I know it could have probably opened some doors for me, or in my mind they wouldn't have been what they were looking for and I would have regretted ever going down there. It's funny how some days my cheerful little self can be so confident and others day I have ZERO! I don't know, just one of those days where my mind is racing wondering if I made the right call.
Go set an example today, and be someones hero!

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  1. Omg sis... What a wonderful compliment! What band? I didn't even know this happened! I hope this gave you a confidence boost! I think you would have done a wonderful job! You are very talented!


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