Monday, October 1, 2012

~Senior Pics & Crazy Mad Editing~

I'm done!!
Oh.... I love the sound of saying that. I have edited pictures until the wee hours of the night for what feels like days. It's worth it though knowing I am done with Christian's Senior pictures and I can move on to editing little Miss Sophia. Christian's photo shoot went really well despite how sunny it was, we started at the Dayton Art Institute and then moved around Dayton for some cool shots. Such a sweet guy as we finished up he said, "that was actually pretty fun"! Gotta laugh at guys, they have such a harder time posing it up for the camera then girl's do. I could go on and on about the shoot and how being downtown Dayton gives me so much inspiration for photography the buildings are amazing, the new ones and especially the older ones. Anyway, I have editing & cleaning to do so I'm gonna post some of Christian's shoot and call this my blog for Monday! Enjoy the pictures, oh and go be an example for someone today!

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