Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~The Road to Nowhere~

Some days, this is my road...this is my journey. I have nowhere in particular that I'm going yet I drive. Something about my car and the country that give me great peace. This is my place, my space that when I need a break it becomes my therapy. I hit the pavement with a camera in tote and make the best of it. It amazes me the beauty I see in the simple things, must be a sign I'm getting old because their was a time I use to make fun of those who I wold see taking pictures of a tree, or the fog, or just the horizon. Wow, guess that person is now me! Don't get me wrong, I adore shooting people and animals but when I want to get away from everything nature beckons. This morning the fog was dense in our little town as it usually is in October, however it was breathtaking and mesmerizing and I was wishing I was on a road to nowhere instead of work this morning with a little Ray LaMontagne playing all is well in my world. 
Instagram from this morning

                 Hope you get to enjoy a road to nowhere now and again!



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  1. Lovely post sis! Your road to nowhere is quite beautiful, Only wish it lead to me! I love you.


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