Thursday, October 11, 2012

~Wake Up Parents~

Hmmm...I could say way more today than I would ever find appropriate, so I will try to keep my thoughts organized and under control. This month is Anti-Bully Awareness Month and along with that at school comes cool shirts, posters and even lectures. But how far past that does it really go? Is it all talk? How good of a job are these schools doing to make sure this kinda crap isn't happening? I find it sad how conversations with teachers sometimes just get written off and you get the old "kids will be kids". I agree kids will be kids and I know kids can be awful. It's up to us parents to make sure we sit down with our children and talk about bullying and talk about the pain it inflicts on people. I will say it again, yes I was bullied by a certain popular gal that did not give a s**t how it made me feel and yes she had her friends in on it too. Especially in art class, Dear Lord did she make me hate that class. Everyday I got to hear how fake I was, how ugly, how stupid my glasses looked...oh joy good times! Ok stay on track and focus Jen, so what needs to change? ALOT! Their are children everyday committing suicide because this crap continues. It is out of pure ignorance that this stuff continues and all we do is talk about how it needs to STOP! Let's stop talking and do something about it! Please take a stand, talk to your children, if they are not being bullied I am pretty positive they know someone who is.  Teach them to stand up for their friend, teach them to go to an adult and not be ashamed to tell.

Below is my sister-in-laws blog for everyone to read. This is her son, my nephew, my kid's cousin, my parent's grandson. He is a beautiful kid with a gifted heart and it disgusts me to think he is going through this all because some child is lacking something in their own home. Hope this reaches some people today, and I hope more than anything we can put a real STOP to this!
Go Be An Example - Teach Others- We Can STOP This!

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