Friday, October 12, 2012

~A Beautiful Life Taken~

I wasn't going to blog today about bullying again, however when I went online this morning I saw the horrific story of Amanda Todd. This beautiful young lady took her life after a long battle with many bully's in her life. It breaks my heart that someone, anyone couldn't help this child out. It also breaks my heart that this world can be so cruel. Please take a minute to listen to her story. She has a big voice through not speaking. This is her story.
Thanks for watching it. Go talk to your children. Make them understand bullying other children is not going to be accepted, watch your children's facebook accounts better yet don't let them have one!

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  1. Thank you sis, this broke my heart! How many more children have to suffer, or die at the hand of hate! I love your heart sis!


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