Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~Flu Season~

It is fast approaching and you are going to start seeing lots and lots of propaganda again about running out to get your flu shot (ughhhhh...say no more I am not a fan but to each his own) I have many people who ask us what we do to protect ourselves and our children over the nasty flu season. First let me start with we DO NOT do the flu vaccine nor would we EVER! If you know me you know I pretty much live at the health food store (Healthy Alternative in Clayton) just ask them they know me ;-). This is what works for my family, hope it helps and feel free I do not mind answering your questions at all! Okay here goes...we do lots of Vitamin C (powdered, not pill), Vitamin D (lots), Acidophilus (eating yogurt isn't good enough), fish oil (good certified organic brand), & lastly a good Multi-Vitamin (not the character ones as I have learned they do not absorb and end up in your toilet). If our child ends up with the flu we do not panic. We do not do medicine because we have been lucky enough to rarely have to use it in our house. We do not try to bring down a tempature because that is the body's way of fighting off the flu. Things I keep on hand during the winter are aloe juice, apple cider vinegar and extra of the above mentioned vitamins). And if all else fails and they just can't kick whatever it is they got going on we call Dr. Suzanne Croteau she is our D.O. in Yellow Springs.

Hope you find this helpful!!
I do not claim to be a Doctor, do not claim to have a cure all, you asked for what works for us and this is it!!

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