Friday, September 28, 2012

~ Are You An Example ~

I have to ponder over this question a bit....
What would you say if someone asked you? I know what I would say, I'm trying really, really hard. Our Pastor said that there was a poll online where they asked teenagers, if they want to grow up and be like their parents and only 30 percent said yes. Ummmmmmm ouch! It got me thinking if I was really being an example to my children, I mean the kind of example I need to be and how would my kids answer this question, of course we all want better things for our children but we would also hope they would say of course I want to be like my Mom & Dad. I was in Kroger's parking lot and some teenager kids rolled down their window and threw trash out into the parking lot and quite honestly I almost came unglued. Like really??? Who is it raising children to think this is ok? Do they have no example in their life? You have to wonder because I know if I ever saw one of my kids do this we would have some serious problems. Parenting is hard, trying to be an example all the time....even harder, but you have to remember they didn't choose to be brought into this life you did, It is your responsibility to make sure you are raising responsible kids the kind of kids that are still responsible even when you are not around. I always say once you have children you loose the right to be selfish!
~ Much Love, Enjoy Your Sunny Friday ~

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  1. You are a wonderful example for Avery and Zade sis! I ponder this question myself. It is a huge responsibility, but we are so blessed! Love you


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