Saturday, September 22, 2012

~My Saturday Rant~

I know Happy Freakin Saturday right?!?!? So not my style to complain and rant especially because I find it very disturbing that their is actually a rant spot on Craigslist and even more disturbing what people put on there. There really are some severally angry people in the world. So to all my fellow readers, buckle in I need to rant!
Cus I'm pretty much over......
~ CANCER (it really shouldn't still exsist with all we know now)
~ politics (ughhhhhhh I can't take no more of the lies, deception and empty promises)
~ Gun laws (really...are we even having this argument this is land of the free right???)
~ Celebrity Charity Events (so you make 15 million a year and you gave up 1 million for a good  
   cause, good for you, you deserve a big pat on the back....paaaalease.
~ The Lottery (instead of letting it grow to 125 million, wouldn't it be better to make 125 people  
~ The million dollar Doppler System Channel 2 has for tracking weather (I would so ask for a refund)
~ The millions we spent downtown Dayton on that silly water feature (yet they can't afford to pay our
    police & fire??????)
~ Free Vaccinations (they are not free, you will pay for years for all the crap they are putting in your
~  People who leave their shopping carts out of the cart corale (no really it's there for a reason)
~ That waitress that calls me sweetie (I don't know why it bugs me, it annoys my husband that it bugs
    me but i feel if I'm old enough to be your Mom you don't need to call me sweetie).

Alrighty, thanks and sorry for that but I feel better. Everyone enjoy their weekend, be safe! And if any of my readers are Craigslist Ranters....oh my, start a blog!

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