Thursday, September 27, 2012

~Count me Out~

It's Thursday, and while I've had a great day at work, great lunch date, I just want to be done!
I want to be home grilling out, working out, and hanging out. I guess it's the gloomy weather for three days in a row that have put me in this incredible funk. I am a sunshine kinda Gal and yes the gloominess plays with my moods. I want to escape to Atlanta on days like this and go hiking at Kennesaw Mountain or fly to Scottsdale and attempt to re-climb Camelback Mountain - 1st time I attempted Cambelback Mountain I was with a friend and my Dad. It was exhilarating when we got to the top 2 hours later, and the views all over Scottsdale were nothing short of breathtaking. The climb down, not so much, my Dad's knee gave out and well we pretty much had to carry the poor guy!! I have wanted to get back out there and try it again ever since. One day..........until then a Gal can always dream ~ <3 ~
Enjoy your Thursday my Sweets! Hope you are at home by now doing something fabulous!!

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