Saturday, December 29, 2012

~Holiday Heaven~

Happy Saturday My Sweet Readers!
Hope all has been well. I have been on a Holiday for awhile now just soaking in everything this season. We have had lots of snow in our area this year compared to last year and it's been wonderful. Well mostly wonderful, I had to be chained and pulled from a ditch once but the kids thought it was kinda fun (I did just say I was gonna try new things, not sure that is one I had in mind)
 Hope everyone was able to bless someone this year for Christmas and take in all the wonderful memories this time of year makes.
I received a blessing from Lena over at Lena B, Actually this year and what a nice surprise! I won  a spot on her blog please feel free to go check her blog out and become a follower she is wonderful and is beyond generous!

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