Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~Don't Care~

He's been sick so things, they change:
He has slept on the couch
He has ate in the living room
He couldn't do his homework
And guess what? I don't care!
My little man got the nasty stomach flu that's going around and it hit him hard. He was completely lethargic, kinda odd to not have your child in an upright position for over 24 hours. I felt horrible. High fever, very weak. No Mom ever wants their child that sick. He never gets sick I guess that is what makes it worse for me. So we loaded him up with more vitamins than normal and thank the Heavens today, he woke up a new man. So now it's about trying to feed him. He wanted pasta with butter, seems gross and turned my stomach thinking about butter after throwing up however, when your kid is back to himself you want them to have whatever they finally want to eat. So pasta and butter it was.

Hope everyone had a fab Wednesday, now go be an example we all know the World needs them!

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