Thursday, November 8, 2012

~Did The World Stop~

Do you ever feel like the world should stop for you? I so feel like this at times. I follow Ronan's Mommy's blog over at Rockstar Ronan and the amount of pain that comes from her words leaves me breathless, there are days when I feel as if the world needs to pause, take a moment, not be happy, cry, scream for Maya!! Just knowing there is a Mom out there with the amount of pain in her heart over the loss of a child makes me want to mourn with her. I have days that her words leave me feeling beyond quilty for being happy and having healthy children. I mean really, what makes me any better than her? Why would I get the glory of having my children here with me, to bless me everyday while she doesn't have her little man Ronan her with her to love on. She constantly has to struggle over the pain of questioning if she made the right choices in the end. No Mother anywhere should ever experience this amount of pain and not have the world shut down and morn with her. I know it seems crazy, however I have these feelings when I see someone hurting. It just seems so unfair that the rest of the world goes on with their happy life while someone out there is in an incrediable amount of pain. We recently had a friend of ours pass and at the funeral I looked at his young son, his daughter and beautiful wife who were hurting more than words could ever justify and I thought how sad that we are going to walk out of here and go back to our happy little life all while there family has so much to deal with ahead of them. Life is full of things I question daily, this is one of them. Have a blessed, beautiful Thursday! Go be an example my sweet friends


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  1. I totally know why you are saying sis. When I saw how my friend was hurting after her lovely husband died... I felt like how does life just go on or everyone else? It shows how much compassion you have for others sis! You have a big heart! I love you, thanks for sharing from your heart!


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