Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~Craigslist Junkie~

Are you a Craigslist Junkie?
I would say this household is. I buy on it, sell on it, find jobs on it. It's kind of like a virtual flea market for me. It has come in handy for so many good things. I wish I would have documented everything we have bought and sold on this site. People say it's not always the safest but I only meet people in public places and from now on I will take my Miss Nella Blue with me, she looks evil - ha ha!
I  have only had one encounter at a gas station once that was a little odd. I was meeting a lady to buy a vintage high chair kind of out in the middle of nowhere. We were going to meet at a gas station though and it didn't take me as long to get there as I thought so I sat for a while.  A lady finally pulled in and sat for a bit so I assumed it was her. I went up to her window and asked if she was Mary? She looked at me very odd and then said, "Excuse me, yes I am married"....ughhh no I didn't ask if you were married I said are you Mary? Oh my....needless to say she did laugh after I told her I was meeting a Mary for something I bought off craigslist. Hope I don't have any more of those moments.  I'm very thankful it wasn't an under cover cop who didn't believe my story.
Love to hear your Craigslist Moments.....

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