Saturday, May 5, 2012

~Zoo Date~

Me, You & the Zoo! I got the privilege of going to the Zoo with my son's 1st grade class this week. I was so excited to be picked because they do a lottery and only pick so many parents to go and while I would love to go to all of them this was the school trip I was hoping for. We had a hot but gorgeous day and I was able to snap lots of pictures in between helping keep track of a wild bunch of 1st graders. Here are some of our favorites...

The bear because quit honestly I believe he was trying to smile at my camera
Nope...never mind this is the same face my kids give me now
The monkey who seemed to have the life......napping in the breeze
Sweet little elephant on the hill, playing all by himself...
Oh my gracious the sea lion who entertained all of us
Happy Feet, always a favorite
Ummmmm....cute but forget what it is
Polar bears are usually our favorite but today he just wasn't up for entertaining
Sharks are for sure not on my favorite list, but all the kids couldn't get enough mesmerizing!!
And then there was Sam...don't really know his name but he looked like Sam to me and I could have stared at this gentle giant for hours....

Hope you enjoyed our little visit as much as we all did
~All these cuties were at the Indianapolis Zoo~

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  1. Sis the photos are just beautiful. I am so happy you got to go. Thanks for sharing.


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