Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~Mom & Pop's Plug~

Happy Wednesday everyone, we are working are way closer to the weekend :-)
I have a new mission for the next few months and that would be to do a better job giving a shout out to some of the local small business's that I frequent. Lord knows in this economy we all need all the help we can get and if you are like me and want to help I would welcome a guest post for a local business anyday & anytime!
Today it is one of my favorite places in Clayton ~A Bushel & A Peck~ mostly because I love, love, love their dried peas....oh I know it sounds awful and I really do hate peas but for some reason dried they taste like corn nuts and I am hooked. It is a great little store with all kinds of yummy's and lots of bulk foods. They have many different dried vegetables to try like green beans and okra. If you have not stopped in they are across the street from Landes Meat Market on Haber Road in Clayton.

A Bushel & A Peck
9515 Haber Road
Clayton, OH 45315
Hours: Tues., Wed, Fri. 9-5, Thurs. 9-6 Sat. 9-2  

Thank you to my best friend Amy & her cutie pie daughter for bringing me some today to brighten my day she knows me well!

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