Friday, March 22, 2013

~Cultivating Character~

Those words "cultivating character", are from a Sandy Hook father who lost his 6 year old son and it got me thinking....are we cultivating character in our children? Are we watching what goes into their brains not just letting them have free reign over the TV and Internet. I know I have become way more slack on this since my kids have gotten a little older. I catch myself watching stuff (Full Throttle Saloon) that really isn't appropriate at all for kids to see, or I see them on the computer on YouTube looking up funny pets tricks and dirt bike crashes but really once on there they do have free access to whatever they want to see. Things are so much different then they use to be, it is quite scary really. Children are raising themselves while there parents are working or just not present in the home and they have no self worth and some odd sense of entitlement. Times are tough and families are having to work longer hours for less pay, but the fact is that we are a "want more" society who thinks we need to have lots of material things to be satisfied. We need to retreat, we need to go back to when things were a little bit more simple, a little less chaotic. We need to teach our children that working hard and saving their money for something makes them really appreciate and value things. And we also need to show them material things are just that, they come and go and they are not what is important in this world.
Happy Friday All ~ Go Enjoy What's Important This Weekend!

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