Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pub Hat Obsession & Daddy Katz

Yep, if you know me you know men in pub hats are just my thing!! So I was driving through Dayton and saw this little shop and this man out front in a pub hat and a shop shirt with vintage things in the window, okay I'll be honest almost wrecked looking (not at the man :-) but at his style and the cute shop). So last night we went to finally check out Daddy Katz, oh my what a place I felt like I found my second home. It's vintage, it's funky, it's adorable, it's connected to a tatto parlor and it feels like you step back into time. Great great place to check out if your into vintage things they have a cruise in first Friday of every month with a band. Oh and if you like Rat Rod cars like myself there is plenty to see, next time my camera will be around my neck :-)

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  1. Sounds awesome sis!! Got to check out while I am home!


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