Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do You Believe....

In Miracles that is, I do...I do....
While on vacation we came home to our pet duck Ace gone, no idea where he went or what happened to him. It was so hard never thought I would get attached to a stinkin duck but he followed us everywhere he was like a dog. He even walked the lane with me in the evenings so to come home and have him gone no chance to say goodbye...oh geez get teary eyed thinking about again its pitiful. His wifey got killed by one of our dogs a couple weeks prior and I just kept thinking, he must of been feeling so alone :-( poor guy then we go on vacation and leave him maybe he felt abandoned who knows.

So the other night we went to the fair and my daughter went  into the duck barn not a good idea (and yes my children have my strong since of empathy for animals) she said I could have showed Ace at the fair. Okay okay on to the happy stuff, I looked out my daughter's window this morning and by the pond sat Ace, I couldn't believe I took a double take and then said to Avery is that Ace??? We both ran out the door almost tripping on each other and sure enough there he sat. He was covered in mud and blood and sitting not standing but there he sat by the pond. What a miracle duck he had been gone over two weeks. He is on one leg hopping around. We brought him food and water and he just sat there by us so happy to see us I could just tell (you can think I'm crazy...don't care I know what I know). So tonight he will be back in his cage until his little leg can heal up. Thank you God for your miracles!! You have blessed this family with a second chance with one of our family members again.

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  1. nothing pathetic about loving and living life with passion and caring for the simple well as all things. Besides I could see your beautiful face light up just reading this. Get better soon Ace and welcome home!!!


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