Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Me A-Z

Avery- my baby girl
Black - my ford edge
Chipolte - yummy
Dad-God's Gift to me before I could choose
Etsy - ooohhhh how I love you
Farmer's Markets - love to own one
Gigi's Fab kids - cutest kids store in Rosemary Beach, Florida
Happy Day
Jumping Beans they still fascinate me
Kites...say no more
Lemons, love the smell, love the taste, love the giggles from my kids when they lick them
Mom-God's Gift to me before I could choose
New love - what's better
Ocean - miss it already
Quotes so many good ones
Sister - Lucky to have
Toes- babies of course
Uturns I know most of the time you shouldn't but such a timesaver
Vintage, Vintage, Vintage
Wish I May Wish I Might.....
X-ing something off my to do list (Yippy)
Yellow of course
Zade my little man

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