Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~It's Whats for Dinner~

It's dinner time, does that stress you out? If you live in my world it kinda does. We get home around 7 sometimes later and if I haven't planned ahead well then, it's thrown together and not always the best. It's a lot different then the way dinner was meant to be enjoyed. Those of you that are stay at home moms (although not sure how many of those are left out there), do you start dinner at 5? Do you plan out your menu for the week? Do you set your dinner table and all sit down together? I am trying to be a better Mom and make the time to go back to this lifestyle we had when kids were smaller. Funny how now that they are older and we are all busier with sports and after school stuff how we don't take the time to do this when in reality this is the most important times in a kid's life to be taking the time. As for us, we are going back to High/Low, it's a nice way to get your kids to talk about the high point and the low point of their day.
Hope everyone has a beautiful evening and really soaks in those dinner time moments and conversation..

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