Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Poor Guy... thinks he is going to get tutored!

Today is the day, the day that our lovely little Cooper is going to get neutered. He is such a sweet little cat I guess he just knows even though this crazy little girl dresses him up and puts him in baby carriers and infant swings and strollers, she is that same kid that cried for an hour and talked those adults into keeping him so he just goes along with anything and accepts the fact that he is my daughters "baby doll".

He was thrown out of a car in the park in front of us last year, he couldn't have been more than 6 weeks however, my husband had always said NO CATS!! So needless to say my daughter cried from Lewisburg to Brookville and on the way home my husband said, " if he is still at the park we will keep him". Well of course that poor little kitten was still in the park he was also in the exact same place he was scared to death so we took him in and love him dearly. He comes in and out and we joke that he is the bar tender at the party barn next door and sware we have seen him stumbling out like he was milk drunk lol. We also believe he might of gotten one of the barn waitresses preggo so now he is off to be TUTORED...shhh don't tell him the truth!

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