Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cilantro I love you!

Ok, I know I was gonna post some smoothie/juicing recipe's this week and I will, have faith but for now it's Cilantro Baby!! Yep I could eat it in anything, everything - I am a cilantro addict for sure. I am posting a picture of my salsa because even though the tomatoes are not in season yet, I came across some good ones.
- garlic clove
- cilantro (a whole bunch of it)
- onion
- tomatoes
- jalapeno (if you can find a hot one otherwise get the habenero's from Kroger)
- sea salt
No recipe just chop, mix and yummmmmmmoooooo!! I eat with sweet potato chips to be a little healthier :-) Also a love of mine - Happy Wednesday my sweet friends
not claiming this receipe as my own as I'm sure I originally saw in a magazine


  1. Love you, betcha want some salsa don't you?

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