Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not ready to say goodbye....

I guess we sort of knew it was time, time to put our gentle giant to rest but it didn't make it any easier. Babar was our English Mastiff and a beautiful boy. I never wanted such a big dog however, my husband really did and it was at a time in my husband's life when life when I knew it would take his focus off some of the bad things in his life he was going through so needless to say I gave in. I'm glad I did, we packed up our daughter Avery and Mother-in-law and drove up north of Columbus to Wooster (Amish country) and got our baby boy. We instantly feel in love. We brought this boy home to a new world a world with sounds and lights and a little girl who just wanted to lay on top of him and God love him he didn't care one bit. Our spoiled Jack Russel's were not to found of this newcomer but eventually fell in love also and never wanted to be apart from him I think the male Jack actually thought the English Mastiff was his Momma.

Long story, short he is eight and a half now and we all knew the life span wasn't much past that however, it just felt like that didn't apply to us and we tried to ignore the fact that he was getting old and had different things going on with his body until this last weekend when we realized it was time, he was exhausted and started not getting up much.

So, my  morning began like that on the movie Spanglish, I just couldn't bare for my feet to touch the floor because in my heart I knew what that meant, it meant once my feet hit the floor it was the day that when I returned home from work this dog who stole my heart would be in the ground, not looking at me, not barking at me, not happy to see me, in the ground so I put off as long as I could until I had no choice. I had kids to feed and get ready for school and if not for that my day would never had started.

 It is something that takes your breath away knowing that this creature whose only purpose was to be loved...that's it....that's all he ever asked for and it didn't matter what kind of day you had or if you didn't pet him the night before it didn't matter there are no grudges, he loved anyway and loved well.

Godspeed Babar...Godspeed sweet boy!

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  1. I love you Sis. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful, furry Babar. May God bless and heal all of you during this difficult time.


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